b. Caracas, Venezuela


Based in Brooklyn, New York, working towards BFA at Pratt Institute (expected May 2022). 

My work generally explores the organic world in unusual settings, unlike subjects interconnecting with one another to create a new reality. The subjects are juxtaposed through a method similar to collaging, bringing together unrelated images into harmony. I am fascinated by the relationships created through this process, recognizable features that insist further exploration and decoding. I often think about my paintings like dreams, expressing ideas and the subconscious mind symbolically, becoming vehicles for understanding both the Self and the external world. 


At this time I am mostly looking at movements such as Symbolism and Expressionism, as well as many Contemporary paintings and painting styles. My major influences include Francis Bacon, Edvard Munch, Hilma af Klint, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, and Milton Avery. Some of my more current influences are Naudline Pierre, Anthony Cudahy, Wayne Thiebaud and Lisa Sanditz. I also draw inspiration from personal experiences and ideas in psychology, mainly Jungian psychology which studies the Self and the unconscious. 


I have found that my practice has become introspective conversations with myself, therapeutic and meditative but at times also crippling. I am able to connect to both the darkest and most beautiful parts of myself, generating a channel for internal growth. Creating can be both an escape from and a confrontation of reality, it can clear the mind or provoke it, but ultimately it is a tool for evolving. I believe great art and the practice of creating encourage introspection and face truths within ourselves and the world.